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H-Date is also a totally free Herpes dating website. It is an exclusive dating site not only for those who living withHerpes, meanwhile, those who living with HPV, HIV and other STDs are also included. H-Date offers Herpes dating, Herpes support, Herpes personals, and HPV personals, with dating and community forum for people with Herpes and HPV. H-Date not only caters to Herpes and HPV singles but also couples.


  • Free to join and become a member on H-Date.

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Unique Features

H-Date is an excellent dating website aims at Herpes and HPV, its “detailed search” would let you find the exact daters.

And the “whose new” feature let you get to know the newest members if you want to find a new member.

Moreover, H-Date allows you find couples in their community, which satisfy some people’s demand to find couples for communication and even dating.


H-Date has its own outward privacy policy and keep members’ accounts in secure. However, if you keep your profile in public, your profiled may be listed on H-Date’s homepage that everyone could check your personal information. So keep noticed that whether let your private in public or private.


H-Date mostly points to Herpes, HPVS and other STDs’ needs. If you are living with Herpes / HPV, and don’t care a lot about communication with other STDs, you can give it a try. Meanwhile, H-Date is a large community that you have more chance to find your partners.